An Alt-Faith Math Rock Band. What the what? #KingsKaleidoscope

Kings Kaleidoscope is a faith-based alternative band based from Seattle and I’m going to feature two of their songs tonight.

Their music/sound is a combination of hip-hop and math rock (that’s a new term for me) and includes strings, woodwinds and brass elements.
Both tunes are covers. First, Joy Has Dawned (written by Keith and Kristyn Getty – they also wrote In Christ Alone)

The second tune is a cover of an oldie (Come Thou Long Expected Jesus — a Christmas and Advent tune written in 1744)
In addition to the two songs from Kings Kaleidoscope (btw, i would’ve lost the spelling bee on kaleidoscope), they’ll be back New Year’s Eve. Give them a listen. Outstanding stuff.

Kings Kaleidoscope – Joy Has Dawned

Kings Kaleidoscope – Come Thou Long Expected Jesus



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  1. […] tune of Auld Lang Syne. I featured Kings Kaleidoscope back on December 3. You can read up on them here. It’s a wonderful take on the old New Year’s Eve […]

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