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Jars of Clay – Hibernation Day

December 17, 2017

Derived from the bible verse “But we have treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us,” (2 Corinthians 4:7) the band Jars of Clay formed in the early 90’s when all of the band members were attending Greenville University in southern Illinois.

By 1994 Jars of Clay had signed a record contract and began getting noticed. Adrian Belew, then the guitarist for the prog rock band King Crimson heard the band and offered to produce a few of their songs (Liquid and Flood).

In 2007 they released Christmas Songs a record says is a “highly nontraditional treatment of holiday themes, though one that will suit fans of the band from almost any era.” While said, “Jars Of Clay’s Christmas Songs may be the best modern Christmas album to come along in a long, long time.”

Tonight I’ll feature a live version of Hibernation Day (from Christmas Songs) and then a Jars of Clay live take on the Phil Spector classic,  Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Both cuts come from the NoiseTrade Eastside Manor Christmas 2013 Sessions (which I featured earlier in the month here and here). The excellent Eastside Manor record is a free download – and every track is good.

Jars of Clay – Hibernation Day

Jars of Clay – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)


Darlene’s Love’s FInal Go ‘Round With Dave Letterman

December 20, 2014

For the better part of the last thirty years, Darlene Love has performed her 1963 hit single, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on Late Night With David Letterman.

Last night was different. Prior to the performance, Love vowed not to sing it for any other TV talk-show hosts after Letterman, the man who gave her an on-air platform to perform it for nearly 30 years.

“People say, ‘He can’t demand that,’” Ms. Love explained, sweeping back her curly platinum hair. “I say, ‘He’s not demanding.’ I made a point myself, and I want to do it just for David,” according to a article.

Tonight I’ll feature the first (1986) and the last time (last night) Darlene Love appeared on the Letterman show to perform this song. (And if you have not watched 20 Feet From Stardom, it’s not too late to order it for Christmas — up queue it up in Netflix. Simply outstanding documentary.)

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 1986

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) The finale – 2014

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