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Yep, This Is An Ad For A Grocery Store

December 11, 2014

A few years back I became aware of the wonderful John Lewis store Christmas ads. It seems they are not alone in producing big budget, long ads. Sainsbury’s is a UK grocery store. This year the Sainsbury’s ad tells the story of the 1914, WWI Christmas Truce (Christmas Eve marks the 100th anniversary of the event). Pretty powerful ad. Tonight, I’ll feature the ad, a short documentary on the Christmas Truce and how the Sainsbury’s ad came to be. And then John McCutcheon’s great song, Christmas In The Trenches regarding the same incident.

Sainsbury’s 2014 Advert

Story Behind The Sainsbury’s Advert

Christmas In The Trenches


One For The Troops Wherever They Are

December 16, 2012

Tonight I’m featuring a great John McCutcheon tune titled, “Christmas In The Trenches.”

This song probably gets some airplay but even so, it’s worth hearing again. I think I first heard it performed by the Irish band “Aengus” years ago on NPR’s World Cafe. (The entire Aengus CD, All On A Christmas Morning is Celtic music and is excellent by the way.)

The song tells the story of the World War One Christmas Truce between the warring German and British troops. The Christmas Truce is a true story apparently condensed down to one event (where by all accounts it appears the truce was more widespread). Nonetheless, enemy combatants dropped their weapons to gather and celebrate Christmas.

Beautiful song – beautiful story.

The McCutcheon video is followed by the History Channel’s full story of the event. It’s good as well — 44 minutes of time well spent.

Christmas In The Trenches by John McCutcheon

The History Channel’s The Christmas Truce

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