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Two Takes On “O Come O Come Emmanuel”

December 18, 2016

Two takes on O Come O Come Emmanuel tonight. One is a modern mostly acoustic take performed by the worship team at Cross Point Church (Kansas). Jason Waller is the Worship Pastor at Cross Point Salina and this recording is his arrangement. Waller has recorded a fair amount of very good Christian music — and through Christmas you can download all of it for free. FREE! Click here.

The other version is from The Robert Shaw Chamber Singers and isĀ one of the most majestic versions of this song ever recorded (in my humble opinion).

O Come O Come Emmanuel – Cross Point

O Come O Come Emmanuel Robert Shaw Choral


o come, emanuel – robert shaw chamber singers

December 24, 2014

A song fitting for Christmas Eve, O Come, Emanuel from the Robert Shaw Chamber Singers’ 1997 release, Angels On High.

O Come, Emanuel

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