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Happy Thanksgiving & A Teaser Of What’s To Come In My 2016 Christmas Music Blog

November 24, 2016

Hi Folks and welcome back to my annual Christmas Music Blog.

I have a lot of truly great, off the beaten path music I’ll be featuring this year. We’ll hear from a very diverse group of bands, musicians and vocalists, including Drew Holcomb, The Mountain Goats, The Maine, Laura Marling, The Jive Turkeys and lots of others.

I’ll be posting daily from December 1 through New Year’s Eve and look forward to hearing suggestions and feedback.

Also, I realize your facebook feed is probably as cluttered as mine. If however, you want to ensure you get a daily blast of different Christmas music to appear in your feed, do this:


  1. In the top right hand corner of your facebook page there is a little “down arrow.” Click on that.
  2. Scroll down to News Feed Preferences
  3. Click on “Prioritize Who To See First”
  4. That will open a box with everyone you’re following. If you want to make sure you see my posts, simply scroll through your list and click on Tom’s Christmas Music Blog
  5. Click on “Done” to save.


  1. At the bottom of your facebook page all the way to the right of the News Feed tab is a tab titled “More” – tap that.
  2. Scroll down to and tap “Settings.”
  3. Tap “News Feed Preferences” and repeat 3, 4 & 5 above

Pretty simple – and if you do it, you’ll see and hear all of my posts (and thanks btw).

So until a week from now, I’ll leave you with Superchick and the fabulous tune, Everyday Is Christmas.

Thanks again for following this blog. Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas.


Everyday Is Christmas – Superchick


Happy Thanksgiving (lots more to come)

November 26, 2015

Generally I start this Christmas music blog on December 1.
However, there’s a great Superchick tune titled ‘Sunshine’ that is perfect for Thanksgiving (you’ll see — Superchick is unofficially categorized as a Christian Alternative Pop/Rock band).

Also, I discovered a great tune from nevershoutnever titled ’30 Days.’ Since that’s kinda today, I’ll feature it.
nevershoutnever is a Missouri band that was started by a 16 year old kid named Christopher Drew Ingle who began making music in 2007 while publishing it on myspace (my how times have changed).

So starting December 1 and running through the end of December, I have a ton of great, relatively obscure Christmas music. You’ll hear from Rend Collective, Joe Bonamassa, Meghan Ali, JJ Heller, The Crofts Family, Phil Wickham and many more.

I’ll probably start a Facebook page specifically for this blog (which is where i started it eight or nine years ago before moving it to a wordpress site). I’ll figure that out in the coming week.

Happy Thanksgiving. See you in a week.

Superchick Sunshine

nevershoutnever – 30 Days


David Ian’s Vintage Christmas (and one from Superchick)

December 3, 2013

Dave Ghazarian (aka David Ian) is the former guitarist for three indie/alt Christian bands (Audio Adrenaline, Church of Rhythm and Superchick). He is also a accomplished jazz pianist.

In 2011 Ian released a CD titled, David Ian – Vintage Christmas. This year he’s released a followup EP titled, “Vintage Christmas Wonderland.”

Both records are chock full of mainly remakes (one original) of what have become Christmas classics, Let It Snow, Christmas Waltz, The First Noel, etc. But while most of the remakes we hear from dozens of artists each year are really very karaoke-like, none of Ian’s are.

All of the tunes feature that jazzy, smoky feel of early Vince Guaraldi or even a Bill Evans with vocalists to fit the mood. And while he is covering tunes we’ve heard thousands of times, he does so exceptionally well. I bought both.

You can only hear snippets of the new EP online (like at iTunes), and only “Christmas Time With You” at (so i’m featuring that tune tonight).

If you like a laid back, jazz trio Christmas song, I highly recommend both. (And just for kicks, it’s followed by the new Superchick tune, “Sunshine”).

Christmas Time With You David Ian 

Sunshine – Superchicks

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