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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

December 13, 2012

Back in 1983 I was running my college radio station (WKDI Dekalb, IL). We’d get albums in that had no shot of ever getting airplay — those pretty much were up for grabs.

We were sent a copy of the soundtrack for a movie that featured David Bowie, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.”  Bowie did not perform any songs on the album or in the movie but since David Bowie was associated with the record by virtue of starring in the film, my guess is the record execs sent it to college stations hoping to get some airplay and a few bodies in the seats at the theater.

Soundtracks for art house films back then rarely featured actual songs — they were instead, pretty much the music behind the film. When no one claimed the soundtrack for Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, I took it home. It’s actually pretty good with a couple outstanding pieces on it– and even holds up today.

I’ve to this day not seen the movie — apparently it was odd but critics liked it. And it’s more of a prison camp movie than one of Christmas.

But, it’s funny how we end associating certain things with the holidays — this album ended up in my Christmas collection — and that’s pretty much when I listen to it.

I hope you enjoy Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence — it’s a beautiful piano solo by Ryuichi Sakamoto

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