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Infamous Stringdusters and JJ Grey

December 8, 2017

I found a HuffPo list featuring their top performers of 2015 — The list included Humming House (see Dec 2), The Wailin Jenny’s (see Dec 12 2016) and Jorma Kaukonen (from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna) and then 12 other I had never heard of, including the bluegrass band, The Infamous Stringdusters.

A little secret: when I find lists like these, I google the band or artist and the word Christmas (or holiday) and check results. Sometimes you find stuff. Sometimes you don’t. When I googled The Infamous Stringdusters the #1 result was a cover of jingle bells featuring this odd, stiff dude standing in the middle of the band singing the song.

That odd, stiff dude just happened to be JJ Grey – a singer who is truly an amazing talent (discovering people like Grey is a huge benefit of researching this blog).

The Infamous Stringdusters are a bluegrass band from Boston (seriously). They formed in 2006, have released eight records.

John Higginbotham, aka JJ Grey is from Jacksonville, FL. He and his band Mofro formed in 2001 and have released nine records. Their music is described as “southern swamp” but I think it’s really so much more than that. Grey is an outstanding vocalist and songwriter.

I’ll feature the two bands singing/performing Jingle Bells then follow it with some cuts from JJ Grey and Mofro. Not much info on the Jingle Bells collaboration. It was recorded to promote a concert featuring both bands at Red Rocks in Colorado in May of 2016. The song isn’t available anywhere except youtube (and you can probably figure out how to download it from there).
Fun version of the old Christmas classic.

Stringdusters – Facebook
Stringdusters Official Website
Stringdusters – Spotify

JJ Grey & Mofro – Facebook
JJ Grey & Mofro Official Site
JJ Grey & Mofro – Spotify

The Infamous Stringdusters with JJ Grey & Mofro – Jingle Bells (You need to click this one twice — embed code seems to be off. The link works despite the grayed out icon)

JJ Grey – Brighter Days (solo)

JJ Grey & Mofro – Tic Tac Toe

JJ Grey & Mofro – The Sun Is Shining Down



Humming House – Winter Dress

December 2, 2017

Humming House is a “folk/roots-rock” band based in Nashville. I happened across them after discovering NoiseTrade videos on youtube. (More about Noise Trade in a second). The band formed back in 2012 and has just released their 6th record, Companion this past October.

Some accolades:

“Put Humming House on your list of Must-See Acts of 2015.” Huffington Post

“Party-worthy roots music.”

“…infectious and grin-inducing.” American Songwriter Magazine

“…they have a sense of fearlessness that allows them make the kinds of musical choices that lift their music far above the average.” Roughstock

“…a solid Americana band with Irish folk influences and a tight live show.” Consequence Of Sound

“A new Nashville band with a throwback sound.” All Things Considered – NPR: Blake Farmer

And after listening to a lot of their music, all of the accolades are well deserved. They’re very good.

The song I’m featuring tonight, Winter Dress, is not available via iTunes or Amazon. But is available for a free download via NoiseTrade.

The way NoiseTrade works is:

  • you register
  • and then to stream or download entire songs/albums, you give your email address to the band or label. they send you occasional info.
  • you can tip artists or bands too.

It’s a pretty cool system and there is a TON of really good and diverse music available (books and blogs too).

More from Humming House:

Official Website

Humming House – Winter Dress

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