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The Weepies – All That I Want

December 2, 2012

The Weepies are a singer-songwriter duo featuring Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. They were both singing independently when they discovered each other’s music – and eventually each other. They’ve put out four records since their first in 2003 — and i can pretty much say I don’t think they’ve ever written a bad song.

According to Tannen, the name for the band “…came about from a few different sources, but one was, you know, those sort of old movies that were called weepies, where you could basically be guaranteed that if you needed a good cry, you could go and see one of these and bring your hanky and have a good time. And we want to be able to provide that for people. We want to make music that touches them and moves them in that way, the place where tears come from, for joy and for sorrow.”

All That I Want” is from their first cd, “Happiness (The Weepies album).” The song was featured in a JC Penney ad in 2007 and an episode of  Gossip Girl.

I first heard the song as part of their label’s Christmas Compilation CD, “A Winter’s Night: The Best of Nettwerk Christmas Albums.” (I’ll probably feature another song or two from that this month.)

“All That I Want” is a very pretty tune I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Check out their website — shake the snowglobe

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Out in the harbor
The ships come in, it’s Christmastime
The kids all holler carols ‘cross the water
Stars that shine

All that I want, all that I want

Above the rooftops
The full moon dips it’s golden spoon
I wait on clip-clops, deer might fly
Why not? I met you

All that I want, all that I want

And when the night is falling
Down the sky at midnight
Another year is stalling
Far away a good bye, good night
All that I want, all that I want, all that I want

So small a turning
The world grows older every day
An ache, a yearning
Soften when I hear you say

All that I want, all that I want

And when the cold wind’s blowing
Snow drifts through the pine trees
In houses lights are glowing
Likewise in your eyes that find me here

With all that I want.

Out in the harbor
The ships come in, it’s Christmastime
It’s Christmastime
It’s Christmastime.

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