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Hey, It’s The 12th of December!

December 12, 2012

I’ve been blogging different Christmas music for about five years now and always wanted to feature the song, “The 12th of December,” on the 12th of December. I was preparing something different when I realized, hey, it’s the 12th of December.
So I quickly put this video together and uploaded it to youtube.

The Turtle Island String Quartet is a San Francisco based jazz string quartet formed in 1985.

In 1995, they released a Christmas CD, “By The Fireside,” on the Windham Hill label.  On it The Turtle Island String Quartet interprets a number of classical pieces that fit the mood of the season, as well as recording several carols, and contributing several of their own songs. “By The Fireside” is very good. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a digital copy of this CD (as an mp3 — you can purchase the CD though ((or strangely enough, a cassette)).

And since it’s the 12th of December, here you go…

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