12/3/20 One of my two favorite Christmas records this year

I’ll start with a few of the reviews:
“The record is perfect, absolutely perfect.” (AmericanHighways.org)
“Yes, yes, yes. I love this record.” (Rollingstone.com)
“Lovely. Absolutely lovely. ” (Allmusic.com)

I don’t recall when I first heard Josh Rouse’s song 1972 (released in 2003) but when I did, I was hooked. Rouse is categorized as an Americana, folk/roots pop singer/songwriter (covers a lot of ground) and Billboard wrote [Rouse} is as pure an unpretentious as any singer/songwriter…”

Rouse released The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse in November last year (not sure how I missed it). When I noticed it this year I was intrigued and excited to listen. “I decided that if I was going to make a holiday record, I didn’t want to load it up with sleigh bells and choirs and sing the same old standards that everybody else has already sung, Rouse said in an interview with his label, Mongrel Music. I wanted to write something that folks hadn’t heard before, something they could listen to year round.”

The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse features nine original songs and it does not disappoint. Add it to your playlist.


Josh Rouse – “Mediterranean X-Mas” 

Josh Rouse – Red Suit

Josh Rouse – Christmas Songs

Josh Rouse – Lights of Town

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