Little Drummer Boy – A Re-imagining

Reviews describe tonight’s take on The Little Drummer Boy as a “fresh take.” I think of if more as a re-imagining. And while unusual, it’s an excellent version of the old classic.

Come a-Come to Bethlehem is performed by Angela Sheik, a classically trained vocalist and pianist who is described as a “soulful music inovator.” Sheik mixes beatbox rhythms with a digital looper and includes unusual instruments like the autoharptheremin and flute to create a eclectic and unusual sound.

She’s joined on the recording by Rene Armenta. Go figure there are several Rene Armenta’s who appear in searches and I have no idea which Rene Armenta is this Rene Armenta. I can give you no other details on this person.
Spotify (not available on spotify)

Come A-Come To Bethlehem – Angela Sheik and Rene Armenta





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