Travelling Day

I reserve December 23rd for songs about travelling home for Christmas as this day is traditionally knows as the busiest travel day of the year.
Tonight I’m featuring The Jigsaw Jam & Keith O’Brien singing, I’m Coming Home, The Clever & The Casual with Home For The Holidays and Hey Rosetta! with Carry Me Home.

Other than they’re a alt-folk band from Dublin, I can find very little information on The Jigsaw Jam & Keith O’Brien. They have a Facebook page that has a very recent post (the video I’m featuring tonight) but then nothing since October of 2015. They have no tour dates and their website, is dead. And just try googling “Keith O’Brien Dublin.” It’s a pretty big list.

The band released I’m Coming Home in December of 2012. The song’s video features clips from Irish people now living abroad, sending messages of love to their families and friends at home in Ireland. It’s very good.

Likewise, other than scant information on their Facebook page, I could find very little background information on The Clever & The Casual. Their FB bio simply states they are Alex & Chuck who are “just two guys with nothing better to do”  while their bandcamp page says they’re from Carol Stream, IL (not terribly far from me in Wisconsin). Very humble description from two very good songwriters. You can listen and download (for free) their excellent EP, Greetings From here. On that EP is Home For The Holidays — there isn’t a video for this song so I’ll link to soundcloud below. Well worth a listen.

Lastly is this amazing tune Carry Me Home from Hey Rosetta! I came across this song within the last week and I don’t recall how. But I’m very glad I did. Hey Rosetta! is from Canada (the third Canadian band I’ve featured this year Fortunate Ones on Dec 6 and Lost Fingers on December 7) and formed in 2005. They’ve released four studio albums and several EPs. The Christmas EP, A Cup of Kindness Yet is tremendous. I’ll feature Carry Me Home tonight and then New Year Song on New Year’s Eve.

The Jigsaw Jam & Keith O’Brien
Purchase I’m Coming Home

The Clever and The Casual

Download “Greetings From”

Hey Rosetta!

Purchase “A Cup Of Kindness Yet

I’m Coming Home – The Jigsaw Jam & Keith O’Brien

Home For The Holidays – The Clever & The Casual

Carry Me Home – Hey Rosetta!



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