Snow – Sleeping At Last

I know several of you are big fans of Pentatonix’ Christmas music — that’s all good and fine. My beef with most of their facebook posts are the headlines, This Pentatonix Version of (insert song here) Will Make You Cry. It all gets a bit old after a while. What’s my point?

Well, the artist I’m featuring tonight (Sleeping At Last) has been featured in ads that actually WILL bring you to tears (see Lost Dog Budweiser ad below).And his songs are 10,000 times more original (and better).

Sleeping At Last is the moniker of Chicago based singer/songwriter, producer and director, Ryan O’Neal.
Similar to Aaron Espe (who I featured back on December 9), you  may not be familiar with O’Neal by name, but it’s very likely you’ve heard his music featured in movies, tv shows and commercials. From Jane the Virgin, to The Twilight Saga to Budweiser’s Lost Dog Super Bowl 2015 ad, the list of Sleeping At Last appearances is very long and very impressive.

Nearly every year, Sleeping At Last records a Christmas record and gives it away. Here’s what O’Neal has to say this year:

Merry Christmas!!! Each year around this time, I record a Christmas song and give it away for free. (My version of a Christmas card.) This tradition has accumulated into this full 16-song Christmas album, “Christmas Collection 2016

One of the main reasons behind this tradition (aside from wanting to thank you for supporting me!!) is to support charities I believe in. This year, 100% of “tips” given on NoiseTrade will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I humbly ask that you’ll consider giving to this important cause by leaving a “tip” here on Noisetrade. 100% of all tips received on this album will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I’ll provide the link below — if you are so inclined, download his music and make a donation to a very worthy cause.

Tonight I’m featuring the absolutely lovely Sleeping At Last song titled, Snow.  O’Neal wrote the song in 2010 and it was his annual Christmas gift that year. You should have Snow in your annual Christmas playlist.

Get some tissues handy.

More on Sleeping At Last

Download Sleeping At Last’s Christmas Collection 2016 – All Tips Given To This Project Go To St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Purchase Sleeping At Last

Lost Dog Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 Ad Featuring Sleeping At Last

Snow – Sleeping At Last


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