Submissions, I Get Submissions

For the most part, the songs I find to post on this blog are discovered simply by searching hither and yon. By about Thanksgiving or so, I start getting submissions from bands, artists and records labels with new Christmas songs. Some are good. Some aren’t so much. Yesterday, I received a note from a band named Loop Line. From their bio, “Loop Line is an indie-rock band based out of multiple locations. They are but two men, who live in different cities. Currently, Paul lives in Minneapolis and Luke lives in Phoenix. They first met in Minneapolis, where they played together in various bands until 2009, when life got in the way and forced their musical collaboration online. Geographically challenged ever since, they’ve been making music together by sending files back and forth over the internet, revising and adding to each other’s demos until they become truly collaborative songs.” Amazing how collaboration works these days.

The song Loop Line sent to me is titled, Christmas In July (In December). Band member Paul describes the style of the song,

 It’s a surf rock song through and through. But the ending of the song was a very conscious attempt to show an inverse emotion, and probably ends up being the most interesting part of the song. The sugar high is over and the crash hits.

It’s a very catchy tune – i think you’ll enjoy it. (No video — just a link to their bandcamp site where you can listen to and download (name your price on the download btw).

More about Loop Line

Christmas In July (In December)  – Loop Line


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