You May Not Have Heard of Him, But You’ve Probably Heard His Music

Aaron Espe is a Minnesota born artist who while not being a household name, has had a prolific career. In addition to his six records, Espe’s music has been featured on several television shows and many ads.
Tom Horton Coffee
Payless Shoes
The University of Minnesota
The documentary Where the Yellowstone Goes
Gray’s Anatomy
Animal Planet
Quite a list (and I’m sure I missed a few).

In 2008, Espe released Christmas Songs a collection of covers of fairly standard Christmas classics. I’m not featuring anything from that recording tonight.

Instead, I’m featuring the title track from his latest EP, Through Frozen Forests. It may not even be a Christmas tune (but tell that to Sainsbury’s and Tom Horton). And on a night where the cold snap is beginning. it’s a perfect song.

More on Aaron Espe on Facebook and his website
Buy Through Frozen Forests on Amazon and on iTunes

Through Frozen Forests – Aaron Espe



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