Posting Through New Year’s Eve

It always bugged me that the minute the clock strikes midnight, everything Christmas gets quickly packed up and put away like it never happened.

As I’ve mentioned before, at my first radio station, during the first week of December, we’d play one Christmas song an hour. Two in week two and so on. Then, from the 26th through the end of the year we’d wind it back down. That’s pretty much what I do each year with this blog.

Tonight’s featured song is perfect for starting the wind-down. It’s from Gabe Dixon and is titled, Don’t Wanna Let Christmas Go. It’s from his The Christmas EP, released in 2013

Dixon is a very talented pianist and songwriter. In addition to his band (The Gabe Dixon Band), Dixon is currently the keyboardist for the band Supertramp and has played piano in Paul McCartney’s band. Pretty good company.

So if you’re not entirely ready to pack it all away, give a listen to a great tune from Gabe Dixon.

Don’t Wanna Let Christmas Go – Gabe Dixon


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  1. […] of a melancholy approach. I’ve featured such happy tunes as My Troubles from Andrew Greer Don’t Wanna Let Christmas Go from Gabe Dixon (Dixon plays piano in Paul McCartney’s band) All I Ever Get For Christmas is Blue from Over […]

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