Indie Band – Civil Parish & Francesca Battistelli

It’s one of those pressed for time posts so here goes.

Civil Parish is an Indie Band from Orlando, FL. They formed in 2010 and have released two records (well digitally anyway – but I date myself).

Their Christmas tune is, “There’s A Song In The Air.” It’s a cover of an old hymn and is very good. If you want a copy, you can download it for free from their bandcamp site. FREE!

Francesca Battistelli is very well known in and outside of Christian radio. Her 2012 release, Christmas was actually a top five Billboard Holiday release that year. The song I chose from that release is actually a live, radio broadcast of the very popular, You’re Here. It’s live via The Wally Show and features Francesca’s husband Matthew on guitar and her young baby daughter in tow. (The Wally Show is a syndicated Christian radio show and features an East Moline, IL native, Bekah who is a co-host and producer of the program).

There’s A Song In The Air – Civil Parish

You’re Here – Francesca Battistelli


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