All The Way From The Netherlands, The Common Linnets

The Common Linnets is a band from the Netherlands. Their self-titled first record was released in 2014 and was one of my top five releases that year. Give Me a Reason to Write You One (from that record) was one of my top five songs of 2014 as well.

They’ve recorded two Christmas songs. At Christmas Time was released as part of an underwhelming compilation CD, An Americana Christmas (other than The Common Linnets tune, that record features a quasi-Christmas tune by John Prine, Everything Is Cool but is otherwise a bunch of retreads). But hey, it’s 2015 and you can just buy the good songs.

Christmas Around Me was part of an iTunes only Common Linnets release, The Common Linnets – A Special Edition. It’s basically a re-release of the first record with this Christmas song and acoustic versions of a couple of their tunes. (Editorial comment: Really? You have one record out and you’re already re-releasing it as a special edition?).

Anyway… Ilse deLange is a huge star in her home country and has had some success on the country charts here in the states (We Don’t Make The Wind Blow by the Common Linnets was featured in the Fox TV mini-series, Wayward Pines).

The Christmas songs are very good. She can sing.

At Christmas Time

Christmas Around Me

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