Happy Thanksgiving (lots more to come)

Generally I start this Christmas music blog on December 1.
However, there’s a great Superchick tune titled ‘Sunshine’ that is perfect for Thanksgiving (you’ll see — Superchick is unofficially categorized as a Christian Alternative Pop/Rock band).

Also, I discovered a great tune from nevershoutnever titled ’30 Days.’ Since that’s kinda today, I’ll feature it.
nevershoutnever is a Missouri band that was started by a 16 year old kid named Christopher Drew Ingle who began making music in 2007 while publishing it on myspace (my how times have changed).

So starting December 1 and running through the end of December, I have a ton of great, relatively obscure Christmas music. You’ll hear from Rend Collective, Joe Bonamassa, Meghan Ali, JJ Heller, The Crofts Family, Phil Wickham and many more.

I’ll probably start a Facebook page specifically for this blog (which is where i started it eight or nine years ago before moving it to a wordpress site). I’ll figure that out in the coming week.

Happy Thanksgiving. See you in a week.

Superchick Sunshine

nevershoutnever – 30 Days



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