Edgar and Johnny Winter – Please Come Home For Christmas

For me, one of the great rock Christmas songs from my youth was Please Come Home For Christmas as performed by the Eagles (the tune is the first ever Eagles tune featuring Timothy B. Schmidt on bass).

Released in November of 1978 (I was in the Navy at the time), I simply thought the song was penned by the Eagles (we did not have mr. google to settle scores back then).

The song was actually written and released by Charles Brown in 1961. It has been covered by dozens of artists including Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, BB King, Darius Rucker and on goes the list.

It was also covered in 1992 by the late great Johnny Winter (and brother Edgar) from Johnny’s CD, Hey Where’s Your Brother? I also found a live version featuring Johnny and Edgar (where Edgar solos on the sax and Johnny rips on his guitar). Johnny Winter passed away in July of this year. He and Edgar were albinos and were always in various stages of bad health (not helped by heroin and other assorted drugs). Johnny was a talent — heck he even played Woodstock. I saw Johnny live in 1978 in Virginia Beach. I saw Edgar play in the early 70’s somewhere outside in Davenport, Iowa — probably 73, 74.

Tonight I’ll feature Johnny and Edgar’s versions of the tune (studio and live) and the original from Charles Brown.







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