Posting Through The End of the Year

It happens every year. As soon as the second hand rolls to midnight Christmas night, bing, bang, zoom, Christmas shuts down. Radio stations go back to whatever it is they play through the remainder of the year. Stores go back to whatever passes for muzak these days. And we’re supposed to just shut it off.

It does not help that Christmas music starts getting airplay in the middle of October, does it?

Anyway, as I have done since I started this blog seven years ago, I’ll keep posting through the end of the year (I have a great new tune for New Year’s Eve).

In my research for this blog, I come across all kinds of lists that people make. One in particular is a top ten indie Christmas tunes list. I’ve featured a few from it through the years The Weepies, Death Cab For Cutie to name a few.

One on this particular list is a pop band from Chico, California, Brighten. Brighten is Justin and Jimmy Richards and a guy named Alex Draper. They’ve been independently releasing their music since 2007 (mainly at their concerts but certainly nowadays via amazon and itunes).

In 2007, they released a Christmas single and video titled Merry Christmas Baby (not to be confused with the 1947 Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore song of the same name, that tune also famously covered by Bruce Springsteen).

I’ll feature Brighten’s Merry Christmas Baby tonight.

Merry Christmas Baby – Brighten


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  1. […] Ho Ho Hopefully is a catchy pop tune that also features the band, Brighten. I featured them way back on December 26th of 2014. […]

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