Nicolette Larson – One Bright Star (This Christmas Night)

Nicolette Larson is probably best know her 1978 hit, Lotta Love (the song was written by Neil Young for Larson).

In country music and folk rock circles, Larson was a well respected background singer working with the likes of Hoyt Axton, Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, Jimmy Buffett, Dolly Parton and even the Doobie Brothers.

Larson was born in 1952 and sadly died at the young age of 45 in 1997.

It’s difficult to discern exactly when Larson recorded One Bright Star. However, it first appeared on a compilation record Tennessee Christmas in 1985 (and has been included on several releases since).  John Jarvis wrote the tune (he’s written dozens of hits for dozens of country artists through the years).

Nonetheless a it’s a wonderful tune from a very talented singer.

One Bright Star (This Christmas Night)


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