Original 1967 Version of Gordon Lightfoot’s Song For a Winter’s Night

Gordon Lightfoot’s, “Song For A Winter’s Night” was originally recorded and released in 1967 on the record, “The Way I Feel.” (this is the that version).
He re-recorded it for the 1975 greatest hits LP, “Gord’s Gold.”
According to Lightfoot’s webpage “Unlike all his other recordings, Lightfoot uses a different guitar and playing style in the rerecording: the original is finger-picked, Travis-style, on his 6 string Martin; the rerecording is strummed on his 12 string Gibson. Both are exquisite, and you will probably have trouble choosing your favorite.”

Interestingly, Song For A Winter’s Night was not written during the winter with the snow falling. Instead, it was written in July, during a thunderstorm, in Cleveland, OH. According to his website, Lightfoot enjoys telling this story, and occasionally does so as an introduction to the song in concert.”
It’s been covered about a dozen times, most notably by Sarah McLachlan (i find her rendition way too dreary).
Purchase the original version of song for a winter’s night here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000…
or via itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/son…

Song For A Winter’s Night


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    Tom Murrens Says:

    Gordo is at the top of the heap of the Balladeers!

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