Welcome Back — This Is Now Year Seven Of My Christmas Music Blog

Welcome (or welcome back if you’ve been following this blog) — it’s the seventh consecutive year I’ve been blogging Christmas music generally not considered mainstream in the genre. A couple of the years I posted just on Facebook, but otherwise, you can scroll back several years for a ton of really good yet seldom heard Christmas music (which is pretty much the goal of this blog).

And, as always, my hats off to the poor radio folks who get saddled with playing mostly bad Christmas music SINCE OCTOBER!

My plan is to post at least one song every day through December 31st. Some will be new. Some old. Some you may have heard of. Others not so much.

I’ll share each post on my Facebook page — please share if you discover something you like.

I’ll kick off year seven with the always enjoyable video from the UK upmarket store, John Lewis (similar to our Macy’s).

True to form, the video is wonderful. The featured song, Real Love, is performed by 24 year old, Tom Odell and is a John Lennon tune. Paul, Ringo and George recorded the tune in the mid-90s – it was released as a single in 1996 as part of the Beatles Anthology 2 record. I’m sure Odell was thrilled with the resulting publicity.

Here’s the John Lewis advert (followed by all of the John Lewis adverts). If you haven’t watched them, take a few minutes to do so. They’re all really good.


The Bear & The Hare tells the story of two friends (the bear and the hare). As the years heads to its end, the hare knows his buddy will soon sleep, never to experience Christmas. That is until the hare finds the perfect gift for his friend, the bear. (Tearjerker alert!)


2011 (love this)


2009 (this was the first of the annual series)



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