The Angel Band – the Christmas Sessions

Back when I worked regularly in radio, we would bring on Christmas music slowly. We’d start playing one song an hour during the first week of December. Two an hour week two, three an hour in week three and every song week four up until Christmas.

The idea was not to overload the audience.

After Christmas, we’d ease out, playing a couple an hour during the 26th and 27th, then work our way back to whatever the regular format was by New Year’s Eve.

Nowadays, with Christmas music playing around the clock for some stations starting in October, Christmas music stops when the bells toll Midnight Christmas day. Kinda sad in my book.

So, I’ll ease out by keeping this blog going through New Year’s Eve — and then see you December 1, 2014 (God willing). Tonight I’ll feature Andrew Greer.

Andrew Greer is a singer/songwriter from Texas. He is lives and works in Nashville. Greer released his second album, Angel Band: The Hymn Sessions in January 2012. The recording features vintage hymns in an Americana style with a line-up of special guests like Ron Block of Alison Krauss & Union StationCindy Morgan,Ginny OwensSonya IsaacsMarc ScibiliaSandra McCrackenJulie Lee and The McCrary Sisters.

This year, he released Angel Band: the Christmas Sessions,  once again highlighted by collaborations with some of the top names in Americana and Gospel music.

Tonight I’m featuring a song from that record titled, “My Troubles.”

My Troubles – Andrew Greer


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  1. […] tend to favor music that has more of a melancholy approach. I’ve featured such happy tunes as My Troubles from Andrew Greer Don’t Wanna Let Christmas Go from Gabe Dixon (Dixon plays piano in Paul McCartney’s […]

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