How I Grew Up

When I grew up, the house was always full of music coming the the record player. It ranged from opera, to classical, to big band with a little ibt of just about everything thrown if for good measure (the rock stuff came from the individual bedrooms — not much of that on the “official” stereo of the home).

I believe my Dad pulled out his Christmas music on December 1 (although it might’ve been Thanksgiving). The Christmas music we listened to was as varied as what was played throughout the year (see my December 12 post for more).

Christmas music from Bach, MozartTchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams to name a few get heavy play on my playlist every year at Christmas, as do the great choral pieces that are frequently related to the great composers.

Tonight at the recommendation of Frank Edwards (my Dad),

…part 12 of Berlioz’s L’Enfrance Du Christ (Infancy of Christ). The part is titled “The Shepherds Farewell” and in my opinion it is gorgeous. The reason it is seldom played I would guess is that The whole work is over 90  minutes long and it appears a bit more than halfway thru at the middle of part 2 of a three part whole.  I have the whole thing on an older EMI two disc set I also have a version of it in a very old “Christmas with Robert Shaw” Atlanta Symphony  as no.13 in a disc of 16 Christmas pieces. On Allegretto label no 8409.

I have the Robert Shaw version in my collection but can’t find it online. The Royal Choral Society with the LondonConcert Orchestra will have to do.


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