Downhere – How Many Kings (outstanding tune)

Downhere is a Canadian Christian rock band found by a guy named Marc Martel (more on him in a second). They’ve released six records since their debut in 2001. In 2009, Downhere released a very good Christmas record, “How Many Kings: Songs For Christmas.” I’ll feature two from that record tonight (good stuff).

As I mentioned, Marc Martel was the band’s founder and also writes or co-writes their original songs (they do some covers). A few years ago, tired of bad tribute bands, the remaining members of the band Queen, decided to sanction an official Queen cover band and send them out on “The Queen Extravaganza Tour. Well, Marc Martel auditioned for the part of lead singer Freddie Mercury via youtube (below). Not only does he have the pipes, he looks like Mercury. And, well, he won.

In between tours for the Queen Extravaganza, Martel has released a new record, titled simply, “Martel.”

How Many Kings – Downhere (this is a tremendous tune)

What Child Is This – Downhere

Somebody To Love Marc Martel’s Queen Tribute Video


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  1. […] released several records including a 2010 Christmas CD, Songs For Christmas. I featured the tune How Many Kings last year — it’s a tremendous tune. There is a second version of the tune on the […]

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