Who Is John Lewis? After You Find Out, You’ll Be “In The Christmas Spirit” (Trust Me)

While researching Christmas music, I came across a video produced for John Lewis. Prior to that moment, I had never heard of John Lewis. I am however, glad to make his/their acquaintance.

John Lewis is a chain of “upmarket” stores throughout Great Britain (similar to Macy’s).

For the past several years they’ve released a Christmas video (generally in early November). All of the videos are remarkable.

The songs for the videos are not necessarily Christmas tunes. Once put to the videos, they are.

I’m going to post all of the videos (2009 was the first of the series) starting with 2013’s “The Bear & The Hare.” (I’ll post links for the songs as well – at least those that are available.) 2011 may be better than 2013! Take a few minutes to watch them all. You’ll want to share them with your friends.


The Bear & The Hare tells the story of two friends (the bear and the hare). As the years heads to its end, the hare knows his buddy will soon sleep, never to experience Christmas. That is until the hare finds the perfect gift for his friend, the bear. (Tearjerker alert!)


2011 (love this)


2009 (this was the first of the annual series)

As for the songs…

2013 — Lily Allen covers a Keane tune, “Somewhere Only We Know” (available via iTunes here)

2012 — Gabrielle Aplin sings “The Power of Love,” originally written and recorded by “Frankie Goes To Hollywood.” (not available to download)

2011 — Slow Moving Millie covers The Smiths’ “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” (available in iTunes here)

2010 — Ellie Goulding cover Elton John’s “Your Song” (available via iTunes here)

2009 — A band called “taken by trees” covers the Guns N’ Roses hit, Sweet Child of Mine (available via iTunes)

Please share.




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