B.J. Thomas – God Bless The Children & On This Christmas Night

Way back in 1976, Chris Christian started a record label called “Home Sweet Home Records.” Among the artists he signed were a 16 year old Amy Grant, Dan Peek (at the time “formerly” of the band “America), BW Stevenson (his big hit was the original “My Maria”) Steve Archer, B.J. Thomas and many more.

Late in ’79, Christian released “On This Christmas Night,” a record featuring many of the artists and bands who had signed with Home Sweet Home Records.  (It also featured a comedy routine from Mike Warnke. Warnke’s stories were eventually discredited and his appearance on the record was removed.) It’s otherwise a very good record (and still available on iTunes and Amazon).

BJ Thomas sings two songs on the record, the title track and “God Bless The Children.”

Last year about this time, seeing there wasn’t a decent version of God Bless The Children available online, I created one and uploaded it to youtube.

Here is B.J. Thomas with “God Bless The Children” followed by “On This Christmas Night” – both outstanding tunes.  (If you’re a fan of the early days Christian pop/rock music, I dug up a performance of this record. It was produced by CBN and is hosted by Ben Kinchlow (video below).

God Bless The Children – B.J. Thomas 

On This Christmas Night – B.J. Thomas

On This Christmas Night – CBN Television Program


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