David Ian’s Vintage Christmas (and one from Superchick)

Dave Ghazarian (aka David Ian) is the former guitarist for three indie/alt Christian bands (Audio Adrenaline, Church of Rhythm and Superchick). He is also a accomplished jazz pianist.

In 2011 Ian released a CD titled, David Ian – Vintage Christmas. This year he’s released a followup EP titled, “Vintage Christmas Wonderland.”

Both records are chock full of mainly remakes (one original) of what have become Christmas classics, Let It Snow, Christmas Waltz, The First Noel, etc. But while most of the remakes we hear from dozens of artists each year are really very karaoke-like, none of Ian’s are.

All of the tunes feature that jazzy, smoky feel of early Vince Guaraldi or even a Bill Evans with vocalists to fit the mood. And while he is covering tunes we’ve heard thousands of times, he does so exceptionally well. I bought both.

You can only hear snippets of the new EP online (like at iTunes), and only “Christmas Time With You” at youtube.com (so i’m featuring that tune tonight).

If you like a laid back, jazz trio Christmas song, I highly recommend both. (And just for kicks, it’s followed by the new Superchick tune, “Sunshine”).

Christmas Time With You David Ian 

Sunshine – Superchicks


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