First Christmas Post of 2013 – The Killers, “Boots”

Welcome, or welcome back if you’ve been following this blog — it’s the sixth consecutive year!

The goal of this blog is to simply offer an alternative to the same old same old Christmas music that gets played ad infinitum on the radio and in stores.

Some of the music I’ll feature is new, some is old. Some of it is decidedly Christmas in nature — some is more “seasonal.”

(Before I get started, hats off to the poor radio jocks who get stuck playing Christmas music from October through midnight the 25th of December.)

The first song of the month is from The Killers, a Las Vegas Band that began an annual tradition of writing and releasing a Christmas tune back in 2007. They’ve continued every year since. The 2013 release (“I Feel It In My Bones”) comes out on December 4th (you can hear their new Christmas tune as well as all the others via this link:

In 2010, The Killers released a wonderful tune titled, “Boots.” It tells the story of a homeless man trying to get back home. Outstanding tune and video.

The Killers – Boots

Purchase it via Amazon Here

Purchase via iTunes Here 


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