Three Takes On Auld Lang Syne

This is my final post of 2012. The Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll do another “alternative Christmas song blog” starting December 1, 2013.

Tonight though, I want to present three different version of Auld Lang Syne.

One from John Stewart (but not THAT Jon Stewart).

One from Bobby Darin.

And one from Pink Martini.

John Stewart was one of the original members of the Kingston Trio. He also had a long solo career and wrote several hit songs, including Daydream Believer (for the Monkees), and “Gold” and “Lost Her In The Sun,” as a solo artist.

In 1976, Stewart was between labels. His relationships with record companies were always rocky and he knew that he had to present something really good to get their attention. What he came up with was an album that he recorded in two days in November of 1976. When he presented it to the record company one of the minor executives let him know that it wasn’t anything that they would be interested in putting out. John left the building and threw a copy of the tape to his friend Tom DeLisle. That was the last of it that John cared to talk about.

The music later wound up on the underground distribution that John’s fans had developed. It was known as The Piano Album.

In 2008, thanks to Tom DeLisle the cd was released on the Neon Dreams label.

This is the final song from the cd Fire In The Wind.

Auld Lang Syne – by John Stewart


Not sure the history behind Bobby Darin’s version of this song other than it was released as a single in October, 1960. It’s officially titled, “Christmas Auld Lang Syne.” (lyrics follow.)

When mistletoe and tinsel glow
Paint a yuletide valentine
Back home I go to those I know
For a Christmas auld lang syne.

And as we gather ’round the tree
Our voices all combine
In sweet accord to thank the Lord
For a Christmas auld lang syne.

When sleigh bells ring and choirs sing
And the children’s faces shine
With each new toy we share their joy
With a Christmas auld lang syne.

We sing His praise this day of days
And pray next year this time
We’ll all be near to share the cheer
Of a Christmas auld lang syne.

“Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year!”

In sweet accord we thank the Lord
For a Christmas auld lang syne.


Finally, Pink Martini (they of “Hey Eugene” fame). Pink Martini released a very unique Christmas CD in 2010 titled Joy To The World). It features many traditional Christmas songs but several sung different languages (and all with the distinct “Pink Martini” flare). Pink Martini’s rendition of Auld Lang Syne is sung in English, French and Gaelic (although the person who uploaded the video below  states it’s in Arabic — it’s not — that portion of the song is Gaelic).

That’s all — see you next year.



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