Did You Miss This Chrissie Hynde’s Other Christmas Song?

Merry Christmas — I hope you’ve been enjoying the 2012 “alternative” Christmas music blog. I’m going to attempt to keep it going through the end of the year.

What bothers me about the Christmas season is it gets started so early — and then, at midnight on the 25th, WHAM! We shut it down entirely.

The way we did it at my first radio station, was during the first week of December, we’d play one Christmas song an hour. Two in week two, Three in week three and then go full bore during the days leading up to Christmas.

THEN, in the week following, we’d scale it back slowly just to let everyone ease down a bit.

That was in the mid-80’s and times have changed.  However, during this week, up through New Year’s eve, I’m going to keep this going like we did at that country radio station in the mid-80’s.


Back in October, 2010 Chrissie Hynde released a new CD, Fidelity — her first work outside of The Pretenders.

The new band is JP, Chrissie and The Fairground Boys.

It features a tune titled, “Christmas Soon.” It certainly isn’t the happiest tune ever written as it’s pretty much about a couple fighting and calling a truce for Christmas. If you’re familiar with the Robert Earl Keen tune, “4th of July,” then you’ll know the exact feel of this one. It’s certainly not what you would traditionally think of as a “hope and joy” Christmas tune. Nonetheless, it is a song of hope. And it’s a catchy little number.

Christmas Soon


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