The Penguin and The Chieftains Do Christmas

My generation knew Burgess Meredith as “the Penguin,” from the 60’s TV show, Batman.  Then as Stallone’s manager in the movie Rocky.

Back in 1991 he performed a traditional Irish Christmas song, Don Oiche Ud I MBeithil with the Chieftains on the CD, The Bells of Dublin.

In the song, Meredith speaks an English translation and is followed by Kevin Conneff singing the tune in Gaelic.

If you’ve never heard this version of Don Oiche Ud I MBeithil, it’s very pretty — Meredith’s telling is heartfelt.

I created a video for it back in 2010 doing the best I could to piece together an accurate translation of the Gaelic portion of the song. Hope you enjoy it.


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