Finally, My Internet Connection Is Fixed!

I put together a Keb’ Mo’ Christmas video early last week and discovered my upload time was over 8800 minutes (that’s over 146 hours — over 6 days) for a 73MB file (should take five minutes).

Today, finally, after several trips from techs (and of course the usual non-help and accusations from charter — like turn off your firewall and anti-virus ((gee thanks)) and “are you using a router?” ((yes, yours!!!)), someone flipped a switch to reset something and I’m back in business.

Anyway, when I made the video, I was playing with a couple of special effects from Red Giant called Trapcode (specifically, Starglow and Shine from within Trapcode). The effects give the appearance that light is moving within the text — you’ll see when you watch it.

I’ll probably have one more post before the year is over — then start back up in late November 2012 — that should give me at least a couple posts before the world ends (and John Cusack will be off saving someone else).

Here is We Call It Christmas, from Keb’ Mo’

We Call It Christmas


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