The Yellowjackets And Bela Fleck

The Yellowjackets are a jazz/fusion band that years ago featured Robben Ford on guitar (Ford is a guitar virtuoso who can and has played just about any and all genres). Although he left the band back in 1984, they maintained their fusion sound releasing 20 or so cd’s through the years while winning several grammy awards. In 2003, they released Peace Round: A Christmas Celebration. It’s a pretty mellow effort and certainly not the jazz sound of a Dexter Gordon but certainly not as pop-sounding as Spyro Gyra.  While not a ringing endorsement, it’s great background Christmas music and a different take on several Christmas Classics. I’ll feature Deck The Halls from Peace Round.

Secondly, a couple years ago  Bela Fleck put out a Christmas CD, Jingle All The Way, that finds its way to my frequently played list  every year. I will warn you that a couple tunes on it feature Tuvan Throat singers — i skip those. However, on The Twelve Days of Christmas, Fleck and his band play a different meter and key for each of the 12 days (it’s the ONLY interesting version of this song ever and truly an amazing musical feat!).  There is one good version on youtube (an audience capture) — you’ll see it below.

Also on Jingle All The Way, Fleck covers Linus & Lucy, the Vince Guaraldi tune that is the main theme of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  It’s an amazing rendition. (The entire cd is good — i copied it into my itunes folder sans Tuvan Throat Singers (they’re too far out there for my taste).

Yellow Jackets – Deck The Halls

Bela Fleck — 12 Days

Bela Fleck – Linus & Lucy


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