Shawn Colvin – Little Road To Bethlehem

In 1998, Shawn Colvin released a Christmas CD titled, Holiday Songs & Lullabies. It is somewhat an adaptation of the Children’s book Lullabies & Night Songs. (Both share content and both feature illustrations from Maurice Sendak.)

Holiday Songs & Lullabies is a wonderful cd — I highly recommend it.

A couple of my neighbors and I occasionally play in a band (we call ourselves Duk Tape). For the past two years have covered Colvin’s version of Little Road To Bethlehem.  My neighbor told me the Colvin version was not available on youtube, and that most of the versions were of a  more classical/choral nature. I created a version of it last night and uploaded it to you tube (featuring it tonight).

(Some quick history of the song: it was written as a poem in 1936 by Margaret Rose  — and put to music by a British composer named Michael Head in 1945.)

Here is Shawn Colvin’s Version of Little Road To Bethlehem:


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