Featuring The Very Talented Kate Rusby

As I write today’s post featuring Kate Rusby, I’m seeing a trend — female singers.  It won’t be that way all month. But if it were, that’s not all bad right?

Kate Rusby is an English folk singer with a wonderful voice. Back in the 90’s she was the lead singer of one of the first all female Celtic bands (perhaps the first), The Poozies.

Back in 2008 she released her first Christmas CD, Sweet Bells — here’s a link to the guardian’s very positive review:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2008/dec/12/kate-rusby-sweet-bells-review  It’s an outstanding  effort that manages to be different without being so just for the sake of being different. To my ears, it’s very traditional folk/celtic Christmas music. I’m featuring the title track, Sweet Bells and Here We Come A-Wassailing.  (purchase it here ((only 7.99 http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Bells/dp/B004B4S5BM/ref=pd_sim_dmusic_a_1/180-7489394-1741353))

This year, Rusby released another cd of Christmas music — While Mortals Sleep. It is in much the same style as the previous and is its equal. If you’re familiar with The Chieftains Christmas Cd, The Bells of Dublin, Rusby offers her take on a couple of traditional Irish tunes that appear on it, The Wren and The First Tree In The Greenwood. I would’ve liked to feature both but i simply didn’t have the time to create the videos tonight.

So, featuring one from While Mortals Sleep, Little Town Of Bethlehem. (you can purchase the entire cd from amazon for 7.99 as well — that’s dirt cheap http://www.amazon.com/While-Mortals-Sleep/dp/B005ZOHBQW)

Sweet Bells

Here We Come A-Wassailing

Little Town Of Bethlehem


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