December 6, 2011 — The Weepies, “All That I Want”

The Weepies are an indie folk duo consisting of Deb Talan and Steve Tannen. They met while playing clubs in New York — and eventually married.

Most recently, they’ve been working with PBS producing the music for animated shorts akin to the school house rock cartoons we watched as kids.

Here is their website:

Back in 2004, today’s featured song, All That I Want, was released as part of a Nettwerks (the Weepies’ record label) Christmas compilation cd titled “A Winter’s Night.” The label went on to release several more Christmas compilations including “Maybe This Christmas,” Maybe This Christmas Too and “Maybe This Christmas Tree,” all of which are an eclectic collection of artists and Christmas songs. They’re all worth checking out — I featured several songs from these last year.

Here is “All That I Want,” from The Weepies — it’s a very sweet and catchy number. (available here:


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  1. […] is a top ten indie Christmas tunes list. I’ve featured a few from it through the years The Weepies, Death Cab For Cutie to name a […]

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