First 2011 Post

welcome back those followers of this blog. i meant to start on december 1 this year, but work got in the way (and for that I’m truly thankful — i have a great job!)

as a reminder, a couple of things:

1. i worked in radio for years — and for those poor radio souls who are playing the same worn out songs from the end of october to midnight on christmas day, you have my deepest sympathy

2. i grew up listening to some really good, non-traditional Christmas music (along with very traditional). 

3. i try to present Christmas music you may not have heard (or at a minimum have not heard 8,368 times yet this year)

please review the posts from last year (just scroll down).

starting this year with a couple from Tori Amos. Back in 2009 she released a Christmas CD titled, Midwinter Graces. 

   Amos is the daughter of a Methodist minister — and attempts in this collection to give her take on some of the classics mixed with some solstice-like sentimentality. There are hits and misses and it does occasionally stray into Enya territory. It truly has a Tori Amos stamp on it and is overall very good.


download songs here:



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