Two Christmas Tunes From Hillsong

Hillsong Music originally comes from the Hillsong church in Sydney, Australia (although there is now a Hillsong London — and a Hillsong Kiev).
Their music is all released via Australia.
If you’ve been in a worship band, you already know these Australian folks are some of the most giving musicians. Much of there music is quite layered and is very difficult to figure out the old-fasioned way (by ear).
What these folks do is create “how-to” videos that show step by step how to play their tunes. pretty amazing — and it saves you a ton of time (free!).
Hillsong has two Christmas cd’s out, “Celebrating Christmas,” and “Hillsong Christmas,” a re-release of “Jesus, Christmas Worship Down Under (which was actually an EP). The re-release features more songs.

Featuring two from Hillsong tonight:
Angels We Have heard On High/Gloria (from Celebrating Christmas)

and Jesus, What  A Beautiful Name (from the cd, Hillsong Christmas — a wonderful song written by Tanya Riches)

Angels We Have heard On High/Gloria

Jesus, What  A Beautiful Name


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