An Amy Grant Tune & One From Loreena McKennitt

Amy Grant has released three Christmas records/cd’s (first was vinyl in 1983).
Back in 2008 she released a greatest hits Christmas cd that included a new song, “I Need A Silent Night,” a song she co-wrote with Chris Eaton (who wrote the wonderful song, “Breath of Heaven.”
As we approach the final week before Christmas (it’s a week from saturday!), I Need A Silent Night is a wonderful reminder to take a break from all the hustle and bustle and reflect on what Christmas is all about (shades of Linus in this one as well).

The second song I’m featuring is The Bells Of Christmas (aka Christmas Bells – it’s called both) by Loreena McKennitt.
The song originally showed up during the movie The Santa Clause but it’s easily missed (i’ve included that clip as well).
It’s a beautiful song that should be twice as long and seems to end just as it gets started — beautiful nonetheless.

I Need A Silent Night

The Bells Of Christmas

First the clip from The Santa Clause:

Now the full version:


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