Happy Hanukkah (sorry I’m a day late)

i was in grade school from 1963 through 1969 (they never even held me back).
during music class we learned all kinds of songs — from zum gali gali, to dreidel to marching to pretoria and everything in between.
two of those songs i mentioned are (gasp!) songs of the jewish faith (gasp again!).
my guess is kids these days only learn these wonderful songs in synagogue/church (if they’re lucky) — and that’s terribly sad.
anyway, three songs featured today in honor of Hanukkah:
I Have A Dreidel
Hanukkah Blessings (both from the Barenaked Ladies’ CD, Barenaked For The Holidays)
Eight Candles (A Song For Hanukkah – Dave Koz)
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Happy Hanukkah!

I Have A Little Dreidel from the Barenaked Ladies (Barenaked For The Holidays – 2004)

Hanukkah Blessings — Barenaked Ladies (Barenaked For The Holidays – 2004)

Eight Candles – Dave Koz (you can find it on two of his holiday cd’s — “A Smooth Jazz Christmas” and “December Makes Me Feel This Way”)


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